Live Here Serve Here 2018

Our congregation has at its core a servant's heart formed by our Lord Jesus Christ who first served us. Empowered by God's unconditional love in Jesus Christ our congregation is embracing 2018 as a year of service. We will focus on one part of our community to serve each month. It is our desire to build up each other to see the vital importance of service as part of the life of all who are in Christ. As each month approaches, we will be sending out more information on volunteer and serving opportunities.

January - Hungry

Western Wake was overwhelmed with our donation to the pantry. Jordan donated 398 pounds. When items were delivered they were grateful for all of the soaps and detergent since they were nearly out. Your spirit led donations were perfectly timed! To learn more about Western Wake Crisis Ministry and see their full list of donation request please visit their webpage:

February - Those Who Serve Us

Jordan will be providing items for municipal workers to thank them for their efforts to maintain the Town's many utilities. Requested items included individual sized drinks and snacks.. Children from Jordan distributed the baskets on Saturday, February 24. After the distribution the town employees allowed the children to explore up close the town utility trucks they see driving the streets of Apex each day.

March - Homeless

For the month of March, we will partnered with Matthew Ministry to serve the homeless in downtown Raleigh. Collection items of men’s white crew socks, crackers, dried cranberries, raisins, spam, protein/granola bars, juice boxes/pouches, small bags of jerky, small packs of antibacterial wipes, small packs of kleenex, travel size toiletries were shared with the ministry in Raleigh. The congregation also created trail mix bags after a worship service in March to give to the homeless on the upcoming service day downtown.

April - Pregnant Mothers / Unborn

Thank you for the generous donations and work which was completed on quilts, blankets and other crafted items for newborns and mothers. Donations of diapers, car seats, wipes and hand crafted shawls and blankets were given to the Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Centers. The pregnancy centers provide the items for free to new parents who are in need of support during a crisis pregnancy. New parents earn "baby bucks" by taking parenting classes with the goal of preparing the mother and family for the new life being welcomed into the world. The donations we supplied helped to stock the baby boutique where they can redeem the items.

May - Disabled

In May we planned a service day at Horse & Buddy in New Hill. Horse and Buddy is a therapeutic riding service center that enriches the lives of children and adults with special needs through equine assisted therapies and activities in a safe and caring environment. Horse and Buddy has lessons seven days a week and their instructors serve about 100 riders per week. They serve a range of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy. Jordan had a service day working on gardening at their facilities. Even though the rain came down during our time of service, the volunteers worked in the rain to clean weeds and mulch flower beds to beautify the grounds. Enjoy THESE photos from a great morning of serving.

June - Youth in Crisis

July - Students

August - Teachers and Local Schools

September - Inmates

October - Victims of Disasters

November - Children

December - Shut-ins